Presentation Kawakibi Democracy Transition Center

Kawakibi Democracy Transition Center is a technical, non-governmental organization specialized in knowledge transfer, expertise-sharing and capacity-building in the field of democratic transition.
It is founded on the principle of partnership among organizations and experts across the Arab region and beyond.

The Center was launched in Amman, Jordan, in June 2006 and following the Revolution in Tunisia,
it was registered in July 2011 as an association subject to Tunisian law

The Center works onImplementing projects and programs to provide expertise in the area of democratic transition, following different categories of activities:

  • Organize specialized technical workshops.
  • Organize conferences, forums and workshops as well as summer schools
  • Conduct specialized studies and researches.
  • Coordinate study tours, exchange programs with the relevant international institutions,
  • Production translation, dissemination of publications and learning materials.

The Center aims at enhancing the contribution of Arab civil societies todemocratic transition processes; which would enhance the viability of national sovereignty and develop elements of good governance based on social justice, economic development and the achievement of equality between men and women and broad popular participation in decision-making, as defined in countries respecting the rule of law and protecting human rights It also guarantees all individual and collective freedoms, transparency and the peaceful alternation of power.

The Center’s objectives are:

  • Spreading democratic culture and practices through dialogue and peaceful interaction.
  • Building local high-level capacities and expertise in diagnosing, accompanying, and framing the democratic transitions, and developing alternatives.
  • Encouraging dialogue between political decision makers and actors of civil society about democratic transition issues.
  • Stimulating exchange and transfer of expertise between experts, representatives of the civil societies and political actors in the field of democratic transitional at regional and international levels
  • Building an expertise clearinghouse to provide appropriate capacities for training, research, strategic planning, implementation and follow up in order to support the democratic changes in the Arab region