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In partnership with Kawakibi Democracy Transition Center and Mourakiboun, the Arab Network for Democratic Elections ANDE organized the presidential elections observation mission held in Tunisia on September 15, 2019. During the observation mission, which lasted from September 12 until September 16 2019, members of the network have organized a number of meetings with supervisory commissions

As part of its work with the global NPO coalition on FATF, and in coordination with the Tunisian Financial Analysis Committee CTAF, General Administration of Associations, Presidency of the Government and in coordination with its partners OSF, Green Acre and HSC, Kawakibi Democracy Transition Center organized  a training course for representatives of governmental bodies and

As part of the celebration of the International Day of Democracy, supported by the International Organization for Electoral Systems (IFES), which is launched by the United Nations General Assembly in 2007, taking place annually on 14th of September for the sake of promoting and defending the principles of democracy globally. In this context, Kawakibi Democracy

Kawakibi Democracy Transition Center organized a training workshop on the finance of electoral campaigns during the legislative elections before the Court of Accounts, entitled “Criteria for benefiting from the public grant under refunding Electoral Expenses and Proceeding before the Court of Accounts held on December, 3rd 2019 in hotel Mechtel – Tunisia.” The workshop was

Kawakibi Democracy Transition Center organized a workshop on the presidential election campaign accounts to be submitted before the Court of Accounts, under “Conditions of benefiting from public aid under the heading “reimbursement of electoral spending and legal proceedings before the Court of Accounts” held on November 1, 2019 in Tunis. The training brought together candidates

As part of its work with “the Global NPO Coalition on FATF”, Kawakibi Democracy Transition Center has participated in the GAFI Advisory Workshop on “Methodology for evaluating the Risks of Terrorists Financing in the NPO Sector” in Vienna-Austria on May 6th,2019. During this consultation, the representative of Kawakibi Center has referred to the experience in