Press conference about “The Assessment Report on the Tunisian Elections 2019”

In cooperation with Kawakibi Democracy Transition Center and Mourakiboun, the Arab Network for Democratic Elections ANDE organized a press conference on October 8th, 2019 in Africa Hotel, Tunis. During which theNetwork has launchedits report “The Assessment Report on the Tunisian Elections 2019”.


This lattersummarizes the election observation missionheld by the Network team in collaboration with the team of Kawakibi Center and in coordination with Mourakiboun during the two missions, which covered the presidential elections, followed by a second mission during the legislative elections period.

The conference was attended by a number of journalists from various governmental and private press, radio and television channels.


This report includesa list of recommendations addressed to a number of actors in the electoral process, including the necessity to review legal texts after the legislative elections. It also encompassa set of recommendations